What is Drag Racer: Pro Tuner?

Drag Racer: Pro Tuner is the original drag racing game on the App Store. You purchase cars that can be upgraded, customized, and tuned to perfection allowing you to speed past opponents in races and become the world's fastest drag racer.

How do I get a "perfect start"?

A "perfect start" occurs when you have the Rev Gauge in the blue area when the light turns green. Doing so gives you a large boost in speed at the beginning of the race.

My car can't win races! What can I do?

You can decrease the difficulty of the opponents in the "Race" screen via the difficulty slider.

You can upgrade/tune your gear ratios in the "Upgrade" screen.

You can purchase a new, faster car from the "Dealership".

How do I upgrade my car?

When you go to the "Upgrade" tab from the main page, tap the various parts of the car. You will be given the opportunity to upgrade various elements of your car such as the engine, exhaust, computer etc. You want to maximize Horsepower (HP), Torque (TQ) and minimize the Weight (WT). Doing so allows you to achieve faster times and win harder races.

What does tuning my gear ratios do?

Depending on how you tune them, it may affect how well your car does in a given race (quarter mile, half mile, mile). Tweak around with them and try to find the optimal configuration to achieve the fastest time possible!

Where do I purchase cars?

You purchase cars in the "Dealership" by hitting the "Cars" tab then "Dealership" tab from the main menu.

What do the different letters in the "Dealership" stand for?

They stand for different classes of vehicles.

C stands for "common" class, the lowest tier of racing cars.
 I stands for "international" class, a tier above the common class.
 M stands for "muscle" class, the second highest tier of racing vehicles.
 R stands for "racing" class, vehicles that were specifically designed for racing.
 T stands for "trucks".
 B stands for "bikes".

What can I do in the garage?

The garage lets you see all your cars along with their stats. You can also sell your cars in the garage by tapping the tab at the top with the <$ symbol. Remember, you cannot sell your last car!

How can I personalize my car?

You can paint your car and adjust the physical appearance of it by adding wings, bumpers, and altering the height and size of parts of your car.

How do I paint my car?

1) From the main page, go to "Edit", then tap "Paint Car".
 2) From here, you can choose to pain the body of the car, the wheels, the windows, the wings, or add designs to your car.

How do I add wings or bumpers to my car?

1) From the main page, go to "Edit", then tap "Change Parts".
 2) From here, you can change the bumpers, wings, rims etc.

I lost all my cars after updating! How can I get them back?

If you've bought them, re-downloading your purchases should give their cash values back to you. If your problem persists: contact support@2ndmouse.ca

None of these answer my question, or I have a suggestion. How can I contact Studio 2nd Mouse?

We appreciate feedback tremendously. You can contact us at: support@2ndmouse.ca