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What is Fashion Star Boutique?

It is a fashion-designing game that allows you to expand your fashion business, acquire clients, make money, and express yourself by making innovative, creative designs.


Clients are customers that place orders for specific items of clothing for you to design and produce for them.

Style Point (SP)

Points you collect by completing client requests, selling clothes and winning scratch-to-win prizes.

Gift Cards

The special currency that is used to buy a multitude of items including, but not limited to, new clothing, clients, additional boutique floors and even some of Anna's tips! Attain additional gift cards by levelling up, finishing bonus tasks, scratch-cards, and by purchasing them through the Market.

Client Requests

Specific clothing requests made by your clients, which if completed accurately and as per the Client's "Tastes" (See "Tastes" below), grant a large amount of SP and coins. Access your requests by clicking on the white envelopes on the left side of the screen in your studio.


Any preferences in design or pattern that the client may have and should be included in their designs to gain additional gift cards and coins. These may be hidden at first and require some experimenting to reveal. Alternatively, you can click "Ask Anna!" on the Client Request screen to reveal tastes, however this may cost you some gift cards!

Special Orders

Client Requests with a golden envelope icon that are given once per cylce or level (whichever comes first), upon whose completion you will be awarded with up to three times the amount of coins and SP than normal requests. For these requests, the client has already chosen the piece, possibly from a locked/unpurchased pack, but want you to add your own style and flair to make it wonderful!

Facebook Requests

Requests which begin at level 3 (and reset every cycle thereafter), requiring you to complete a task on Facebook, such as sharing a design, in order to complete. These Requests are titled "Show off your Talent!" and will require you rto share your design on Facebook, once completed.


A period of time (usually every four hours) after which, you will be given new requests and "Scratch-to-win" prizes


This feature is automatically activated once every cycle (about 4 hours) and gives you the chance to win any combination of SP, coins, Gift Cards, new pieces of clothing or even the Grand Prize!Some higher level bonus tasks will reward you with an extra scratch for the next "Scratch-to-win". Also, if you don't win the grand prize, you have the option to purchase more scratches until you win!

Client Referral

Bonus clients that you may receive after completing many Client Requests. This is especially useful at level 25, when all the normal Clients have been unlocked. These clients can also be purchased for 20 gift cards since they are extremely rare and not part of the general pool.


A combination of clothing putting together by you in the Studio, which can then be displayed in your boutique and produced/sold together as a set. To create an outfit, tap the second half of the mannequin labelled "Outfit" at the centre of the screen in your studio.

Bonus Tasks

Additional goals/tasks that you can access by tapping the "Anna" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen in the studio. The "Bonus Tasks" window also displays the rewards for completing them, which are usually giftcards or coins.


How do I level up?

Keep an eye on the number of style points you have on the bottom of the screen and fill up the SP bar to advance to the next level!level

What is the fastest way to gain SP?

The fastest way to gain SP and level up is to finish Client Requests and sell clothes in the Boutique.

 What is the highest level achievable in the game?

Level 40 is currently the highest level achievable in the game. If you have reached it, congratulations! You have successfully completed all of the available levels in Fashion Star Boutique!


How do I access a new floor?

Tap the up arrow located in the bottom-left corner of the Boutique screen to access additional floors. These floors will be unlocked at certain levels or can be purchased using a given number of gift cards.floors

How do I purchase a new floor?
 On the new floor, tap the centre of the screen to prompt the purchase menu and click “Yes”.

How many floors are there in the game?

There are 5 floors where you can sell your designs.


When creating Designs, am I able to edit my patterns?

Yes you can! Using finger-gestures on your device, you can: zoom in, zoom out, resize, slide, and rotate your material! This is done during the material overlay step (when the material is layered on top of your clothing right before you press Apply).

-*Zoom in: Put two fingers on the screen and move them apart from one another.
 -*Zoom out: Put two fingers on the screen and move them closer to each other.
 -Slide: Put two fingers on the screen and move them in the same direction.
 -Rotate: Put two fingers on the screen and rotate them simultaneously in a circle.*These gestures apply to patterns used to fill the main "sections" of your design. The same gestures can also be used to resize decorations.

When I make an outfit, is there any way for me to change the order in which the clothes are placed on the mannequin?

After you apply your clothing and have the option to press "done", you can choose which clothing lies on top of the other. The bottom of the screen displays the designs that you have placed on your mannequin. If you tap the designs, a menu will pop up with options: "Trim" and "Delete". There will also be a small red arrow. Tapping the arrow will change the order in which the clothes are placed on the mannequin.outfit

How do I unlock new clothing?

Leveling up will sometimes unlock new content, or check out the Market to purchase the latest fashions. You can access the Market by scrolling to the main page (just left of the Studio). Within the market there will be 3 symbols: Coat Hangar, Coins, And Gift Cards. Tap the Coat Hangar to check out the latest clothing packs: an appropriately themed "Winter Wonderland", or the sleek "Military" collection!market

How do I archive my designs?

Go to the Main Menu and click on “Portfolio” then “Current Portfolio”. Tap the "Archive" button on the bottom of your screen and hit “Okay”. This will archive everything in your current portfolio. Alternatively, when your collection is full, you will be automatically prompted to archive your portfolio when you design a new piece.

How do I delete my designs?

To delete a design tap on "Portfolio" on the Main Menu page and navigate to the specific item of clothing you wish to delete. Select it and at the bottom of the screen you will find the delete button. Keep in mind that deleted items cannot be recovered.

Can I archive just one piece of clothing?

Unfortunately, you cannot archive just one piece of clothing. You can only archive your entire current portfolio.

I accidentally archived my collection! How do I get it back?

Go to the Main Menu and click on “Portfolio” then “Archived Collections”. Find the design you want to restore, tap it, hit “Restore”. This costs 2 Gift Cards.


Why isn't my entire collection available when I'm doing a Client Request?

Clients are usually rather specific about what they want e.g. scoop neck sweaters, thus only clothing that fit that criteria will be available for you to design.

How many clients are there in the game?

Currently there are 27 clients: 21 of which are unlock-able through levelling up and 6 are hidden clients that can only be obtained through referrals.

Why do I have to pay 500 coins to get a client I have already unlocked?

When you unlock a client, you gain the ability to meet them. You still have to spend a couple coins to acquire them.

How do I scroll between clients?

Tap on the Clients icon on the left window pane and select the desired client. Once you're on the Client Profile screen, you can swipe left and right to navigate to the pages of the other clients.

My client went on vacation! How do I get her back!?

Clients periodically go on vacation, they will come back after you have leveled up! Sorry for the inconvenience!

How do I find out what the client's hidden tastes are?

See "Tastes" above.

I have run out of Client Requests! What do I do now?

If you run out of Client Requests, you can use your Gift Cards to purchase new Client Requests, wait until a cycle is over or you can design clothing/outfits and sell them in your Boutique to earn Style Points (SP).

I don't have enough gift cards to complete Special Orders. How can I get more gift cards?

You can attain more gift cards by leveling up, finishing bonus tasks, scratch-cards and by purchasing them through the Market.


How do I reset and start from the beginning?

You will need to uninstall the app and then reinstall it from the app store

If I try to reinstall will I lose my progress?

The progress will be lost when the application is deleted or the phone is restored to factory settings.

My game is stuck on the studio/boutique screen! The device is not responding! What should I do?

Try hitting the Home Button. Once on the Home Page navigate back to the app. If the app is still not responding, try force closing the app.If the issue is still unresolved, try hard resetting the device. To do this, hold the sleep and home button down until the device turns off (keep holding even when you see slide to power off). The device will restart automatically following the reset. You should regain control over the device. If problems persist, please contact us at

What is the "Fashion Star of the Month"?

The Fashion Star of the Month is an award given to a player who creates the most stylish design! For more details on how to enter, visit our Facebook page!star

My content is not downloading. What's the solution?

Firstly, make sure your date and time is set to the present (as accurately as possible).1) Close Fashion Star Boutique out of your devices dock and restart it. To do this, double click the home button to open the dock. Press and hold on the Fashion Star Boutique icon until it starts to shake and then tap the the red remove button in the top left corner of the icon.
 *PLEASE NOTE: if the the button in the top left corner of the icon is an X you are NOT in the dock and need to restart from the beginning of these instructions.2) After closing out of the dock please relaunch the app. The level content should download during the loading screen (this requires an active Wi-Fi connection). Ensure that the content download bar is working as intended (top right corner of the screen).

Why am I unable to make in-app purchases?

Make sure your date and time is set to the present (as accurately as possible). Make sure your payment information is valid and up to date. If problems persist, contact

I am not receiving my TapJoy rewards, what should I do?

If you've completed a reward through TapJoy, you can contact them through the bottom of that offer-wall. Alternatively, you can contact them here.

How can I find the FSB facebook page?

In the app, navigate to the Main page (Swipe to the right from the studio page). Tap on "Community". On the next page you will find the Facebook links you are looking for!community

 What is the exclamation mark at the top right corner of my screen?

Tapping on the exclamation mark icon, launches your notifications window, which lists all the new content you have unlocked, if you've completed a goal and other relevant information about your progress through the game.